Non toxic protection against algae and moss

Non toxic long term protection against algae and moss on all surfaces

Positive charged polymers challenge traditional pesticides.

TVARSTOP surface growth protection is a new Swedish innovation based on positive charged water soluble polymers (plastics).

On a positively charged surface neither microorganisms or surface growth can survive.
The charge is neither reduced or ceases with time.

This entirely new Swedish technology is based on electrical charge.

Bacteria, viruses, staphylococci and all microorganisms are negatively charged.

Surface growth such as fungi, moss, lichen, algae, black spots and blueing are also negatively charged.

This means that microorganisms and surface growth cannot live on a positively charged surface.

They adhere and die.

The polymer enters all the surface pores and bind electrically.

When the surface has dried the polymer adheres so strongly it can even be used under water.

TVARSTOP gives physical protection against all surface growth such as algae, moss, lichens, bluing, black spots, mould and fungal attack.

– Internally and externally.

Use TVARSTOP for roofs, walls, facades, passages, brickwork, planking, furniture, plastics and metals.

– On all types of surfaces.

A known alternative are pesticides based on Benzaltenside.

With such treatments the Benzaltenside is washed out by rain eventually, normally in 2 – 4 years, but this can happen more rapidly with much rain.

TVARSTOP is part of Gert Strand’s unique range that comprises SMITTSTOP, bacteria and virus killing treatment against spread of infection and FULSTOP forkilling algae, moss and surface growths.

Covers and sunblinds

A good example of how TVÄRSTOPP can be used is with covers (tentage) and

It usually does not take long for them to appear dirty due to moss or algae.

The best protection is to spray them with TVÄRSTOPP when they are new.

Apply by spraying, allow to dry, job done.

The polymer functions for years but if the surface becomes dirty then bacteria can live on the dirt.
Just clean with water.
Sid 12

If moss or algae are deeply established,
use FULSTOPP with a brush or high pressure washer until the surface is clean.

FULSTOPP’s tensides impregnate all the surface pores and fill them up.
To make room for TVÄRSTOPP it is thus necessary to rinse off the surface thoroughly after treatment with FULSTOPP.

Where ordinary cleaners
have been used earlier the surface must be cleaned thoroughly with water to
neutralise the negative charged remnants of the cleaner (aniontensides) first.

How house roofs are sprayed without risking life and limb or being forced
to hire expensive scaffolding or a skylift

Now there is no excuse for not treating ugly roofs!

A big problem with treating roofs is the risk of a fall or not reaching.
Often an expensive skylift must be hired or having to fight with long lance extensions for backpack sprayers.

Now there is a solution to this problem – Kärchers new high pressure washers have a
chemical container on the machine.
The chemical container can be charged with FULSTOPP.
Then the mouthpiece is set to “Chemical” and the application of the solution can begin.

Sometimes one can stand at ground level, but some houses can require a painting platform so that the operator can apply from the level of the guttering.

Thus there is no need to run around on the roof with a backpack sprayer risking life and limb or hiring an expensive skylift.

Furthermore it is quick.
Walls of industrial buildings which are metal clad (the north side is always full of algae) can be sprayed in an instant, rather more a relaxation than hard work. Large hard-standing industrial areas can be sprayed easily – no back pack to fill and mix all
the time.

FULSTOPP functions with all the Kärcher high pressure washers with a chemical container.

If dosage is adjustable then set it to maximum. If not adjustable, that is ok anyway.
FULSTOPP does not damage the high pressure washer.

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