Is Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda a Luxurious Flavor Experience?

Finding a sweet sugar-free option to satisfy your fizzy drink cravings is now easier than ever before. Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Passionfruit Soda Syrup Concentrate delivers taste, without the guilt. We were impressed by its intense passion fruit sour taste which makes up a refreshing soda with no sugar. Mix 40 ml the vibrant concentrate, with a 1.5 litre of sparkling, that’s a fancy, flavourful drink that’s just as delicious as any sweetened soda on the market.


Our experience wasn’t only delicious but was also multi-purpose. This sweet treat from the passionfruit isn’t limited to drinks only; we also used it in baking and even to jazz up our ice cream. It’s so handy knowing the fact that just one bottle can provide more than 12 litres! Most of us thought the mix we recommended to be right for their tastes, those with less inclined to sweets might like it a bit less. However several people pointed out how getting the mix right could be tricky, after which, once you’ve hit it this is an absolute game changer.

Key Outcome

Aromhuset has given us an absolute treat with Their Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup. It’s a versatile, delicious and guilt-free method to drink soda.

In light of its capability to add the flavor of various culinary recipes, it’s an absolute must to try.

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You can embark on an Flavor Adventure with Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup

Ever thought about making your own Fizzy Drinks in the kitchen? We’ve been playing around with Aromhuset’s Passion Fruit Soda Syrup and it’s truly a game changer for anyone who loves soda. Imagine the tropical aroma of passion fruit in a glass, and that’s exactly the result–a refreshing, tart drink that’s delightful and non-stressful.

Don’t buy sugary soft drinks because you can make healthy alternatives that are both diabetic as well as vegan-friendly, consuming only 5 kcal per 100ml serving. The syrup we tried was very easy to use. Just add 40ml of syrup to one Liter of sparkling water and voila! you’ve got your own delicious, homemade sweet passion fruit soda.

While making our drinks we spotted how versatile this syrup can be. In addition, to drinking it as an alcohol-based soda, it’s amazing for enhancing cocktails or even for cooking purposes like baking and creating delicious concoctions of ice cream.

We’ve also seen mixed reviews about the syrup. While most are delighted by the flavor, some consider it to be a little off the mark when compared with store-bought carbonated drinks. Others have expressed concern about getting the blend just right for the perfect flavour balance. However, it’s apparent that this syrup offers its own distinct flavor, which is appreciated in large part due to its resemblance to major-brand sugar-free drinks.

If you’re interested on discovering new flavors and enjoy the thought of creating your own drinks according to your personal preference, Aromhuset’s syrup makes a satisfying sweet tropical flavor that will please. Plus, considering how much drink you can make with one bottle, it’s more than just an enjoyable experience for your taste buds, but in addition, it’s quite cost-effective.

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Get your drink transformed with ease

Have you ever longed to whip up a professionally fashion drink at your home? We managed to create with Aromhuset Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Syrup. A little skeptical at first, the variety of this syrup quickly caught our attention! Whether it’s sprucing up sparkling water in a glass or creating a wonderful cocktail this syrup has you all covered.

The ease of use It’s a dream to use. One splash of 40ml into the litre of fizzy waters, and you’ve got a refreshing drink with the tropical taste, but without the guilt- it’s totally sugar-free! We were pretty impressed by how far this 500ml bottle is able to go; 12.5 Liters of soft drinks is no small accomplishment.

While we revelled in creating delicious sodas we also discovered its uses to stretch beyond beverages. For those of us who bake or create homemade ice cream, this passionfruit concentrate provided a novel and unique flavour profile.

But, it’s still not the true fruit, and for the discerning the flavor might not entirely replace Fresh passionfruit’s unique tang or weight. For a sweet alternative the syrup knows what it takes to be a winner. capacity in the flavor department. Along with being diabetic and vegan friendly, we think it’s a must-have on your kitchen shelves.

Take a moment to enjoy the healthful bliss of Zero Sugar

To live a healthy, sugar-free and healthy lifestyle has never been more delicious. We’ve had the pleasure of trying Aromhuset’s Zero sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate, that’s a game-changer to anyone who wants to quench their thirst without the guilt. The combination of 40mls concentrated syrup with the equivalent of a litre fizzy water leads to a refreshing, sweet drink that’s diabetes-friendly and vegan. It’s got the smallest amount of calories at 5 kcal per 100ml serving.

The great thing about these syrups is their ability to be used in a variety of ways. While we love the intense kick of passion fruit as a soda, it’s also perfect for giving an exotic flavour to baking or even dairy items. We’re delighted that its multi-purpose properties don’t hamper taste. You can dilute it to a ratio of 32 to 1 with tap water, then you’ll get a cool beverage.

Some members of our group noticed that the flavor may have a subtle mango aftertaste if not mixed properly A gentle reminder that harmony is vital. But the overwhelming feedback we’ve received from our friends has been positive, with a lot of people trying to discern any differences from conventional sugar-laden drinks. That’s astounding!

This syrup is priced to be worth your price. A bottle yields approximately 12.5 litres of liquid that makes it an affordable home staple. The syrup from Aromhuset caused us to think about our drink options and showed that the absence of sugar doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have no enjoyment.

Find Your Creative Culinary Muse

With Aromhuset’s Zero-Sugar Passion Concentrate of Fruit Syrup, we’ve taken our home beverage game to new heights. There’s something very satisfying about turning ordinary sparkling water into a refreshing tropical drink with no worries of sugar added. We’ve had fun with it, making non-soda drinks that are refreshing as well as delicious cocktails and even adding an ingredient to our baking with impressive results.

The simplicity of this syrup is a game changer. Just a quick blend of just 40ml syrup and 1 liter of carbonated water, and voila! delicious passion fruit juice with only 5 kcal per 100ml serving. Diabetes sufferers and vegans can also participate in the fun thanks to its adaptable formula. It’s an incredible value it transforms 500ml of water into an astounding 12.5 Liters of soft drink.

However, even though the flavor is appealing and match the taste of diet sodas, it’s essential to get quantities just right. It’s a lesson learned through trial and error. The right mix ensures it has a flavor that’s similar to the “real authentic” without the synthetic aftertaste that might irritate certain people’s palates. It’s not going to replace a tonic’s unique bitterness, and one is likely to be disappointed with this specific flavor. Focus on balance, and this one won’t disappoint.

Incredible Value for Money

This is a wonderful product that extends our spending! When we use Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit syrup, we’re creating delightful drinks at home which are saying “cheerio” to unneeded sugar as well as “hello” to healthy living. Just a drop of syrup can transform plain carbonated waters into an exotic passion fruit sweet fizzy treat.

This syrup isn’t only for drinks. Its range extends to baking and desserts! Then, let’s look at the elephant in the room that is the cost. It’s possible to spark a few eyebrows, but break down the cost per litre, and it’s an incredible bargain–12.5 Liters of soda out of just one bottle! Mix the concentrate 33 times with tap water to make a drink that remains in the bottle.

There’s no doubt that there’s a mix of opinions about the flavor isn’t quite as good as the best brands, but honestly, once we hit this sweet spot thanks to the syrup-to-water ratio, we’re drinking our fill of happiness. The Zero Passion Fruit syrup is an excellent option for those craving a taste, but in a way that isn’t laden with sugar.

Positives and Negatives

We’ve just had the pleasure of trying the Zero Sugar Sweetened Soda from Aromhuset and we’ve been equally impressed and somewhat disappointed in various ways. Let’s explore what we liked about this product and what we think could be improved.


  • Easy Homemade Comfort This is the perfect way to indulge in the easy process of creating sparkling passion fruit soda at the ease of our kitchen. All you have to do is blend the sweetener into bubbly water and voila, a delightful fizzy drink can be made in just a few minutes time.
  • Health-conscious choice for those of us who want to reduce our sugar intake, we’re delighted by the fact that there are only 5kcal per 100ml serve, this syrup aligns perfectly with our diet requirements. Being vegan and a diabetic-friendly product and vegan, it’s a great choice to fit into a variety of modes of life.
  • Versatility at Its Best You’re not restricted to drinking drinks. it has also been used in our baking as well as ice creams and even added that extra flavor to dairy products.
  • Bang for your Buck You’ll get serious value here. With just a 500ml bottle one can produce nearly 12.5 bottles of soda. It’s cost-effective and green as it eliminates the need to purchase many cans or bottles.


  • Flavour Touch and Miss While most of us find the taste just right, a couple who think it’s enough when compared to the brand names that are known to be good. Also, let’s be honest some synthetic aftertastes have sometimes been present, which isn’t a favorite for all.
  • Mixing the Right Way It’s quite a difficult one. Too much or too little syrup and the drink is either overpoweringly sweet or bland. It takes some time to find the right amount.
  • Price Point The general perception that the syrup is rather expensive part considering that it’s an actual cola brand. For those with a tight budget, this might be a nagging issue.

We’re all about finding the perfect balance between health, taste, and convenience and Aromhuset’s syrup gets us pretty close to the perfect balance. There are flaws obviously, but our experience has been that the benefits will definitely outweigh any negatives.

Hear it from the Customers Real Reviews

Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of tasting The Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Syrup from Aromhuset and the response from other customers has been very positive. Most of us are chuffed with the flavour profile–it is a refreshing addition in our carbonated waters! A few have mentioned that it’s vital to make sure the mix is right to have the best experience saying that just a little less than the recommended amount can hit the sweet spot without being excessively sweet.

It was a shock to many patrons that Zero soda was free of sugar. They had guessed that it was sugar-sweetened because it did not possess the typical aftertaste which is typical with artificial sweeteners.

On the other side, but some of us feel that it’s a bit too sweet. Passion Fruit flavour doesn’t quite match the expectations, missing the traditional taste we may be longing for.

However, when mixing is correct We’ve found this sweetener to be a refreshing choice. Someone even cheekily claimed that it could challenge certain big name brands in the non-sugar soda world. It’s all about making the right mix. Add 40 milliliters syrup to 1000 meters of water, it’s a pleasant soda, especially If you’re thinking of staying away from canned sodas.

Keep in mind that this isn’t exactly the best for everyone. Several of us find it costly. However, for a sugar-free dessert which is easy to make, it’s a great choice as a guilt-free drink.

Final Thoughts on Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit Syrup

We’ve had fun experimenting with Aromhuset’s Zero Purity Fruit Syrup, and we’re happy to say that it’s certainly spiced up our hydration routine. Its non-sugar content and still tantalisingly tasty is an added benefit, especially for those trying to limit our intake of sugar. at just 5 kcal/ 100ml serving, it’s been an easy choice for health-conscious companions.

Aromhuset may be one of the few, but certainly not the only brand to employ the sugar substitute Sucralose that has no off-taste in their soda concentrate, likely due to its price. It is imperative to verify the ingredients on soda concentrates so that you stay away from sweeteners such a for example aspartame (acesulfame), cyclamate and a variety of others.

The variety of the syrup is remarkable; we’ve whipped up anything from refreshing sodas to exotic cocktails and even flavoured our desserts. There’s a sense of satisfaction from knowing that a little goes a long way – only a 500ml bottle will conjure more than 12.5 litres of fizzy drinks.

It’s taken a bit of trial and error, but it’s been a challenge to find that optimal balance. If you add too high in syrup and the sweetness will be too strong, or too little and the flavour doesn’t quite hit the mark. We’re generally delighted with the authentic taste of passionfruit, it’s clear that taste is a subjective experience there are a few of us stating how getting the mix right is critical to have the best flavor.

Ultimately, the Aromhuset Zero Passion Fruit Syrup has changed the game for us and offers a guilt-free method to have a fun, flavourful drink. But remember, the key ingredient is the blend!


Frequently Answered Questions

Just stepped into the fresh landscape of Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate The team is buzzing with ideas and ideas to communicate. Its sugar-free nature doesn’t put a dent on taste. It still packs punch of tropical flavor! We’ve come up with cool cocktails and have even discovered how sustainably harvested this syrup’s ingredients can be. So let’s get into some of the biggest questions you’re likely to have before getting this versatile syrup.

What wonderful flavours will I get from this passion fruit soda syrup?

When we splashed this syrup in our sparkling drink, the room was filled with the scent and flavor of the exotic fruit. This syrup gives a vivid and authentic flavour of fruit that’s sweet and tangy which is akin taste to fresh fruit itself, and without any artificial aftertaste that is overpowering. Sipping the beverage felt like a taste getaway to the tropical lands.

What does the zero sugar component affect the taste for the syrup?

Some might think that having no sugar means that you’ll lose flavor, but with this drink, our taste buds were pleasantly amazed. There’s a slight difference in mouthfeel. Sugar tends to give a fuller feeling, while the strong passion fruit flavor provides the flavor is robust. It’s sweet enough for us and might make you forget it’s sugar-free!

Is this syrup concentrate compatible with soda-making equipment? I’d like to find out!

Absolutely! We’ve tested it on several soda machines and it blended perfectly every time. Simply pour in the ideal dosage of syrup then carbonate that water then! it’s a bubbly fresh drink that hits just the spot. It’s fantastic for that DIY drinks at home.

Do you have any invigorating cocktail recipes combining this syrup?

Mixing up cocktails was a blast when using this syrup. Here’s the quickest way to do it of how to combine the syrup a splash of white spirit, a squeeze of lime juice and add ice. Top the drink with soda for an enticing Tropical Fizz that’s bound to be a hit at any party. The syrup can be used in a variety of ways making it possible to add it to any of your favorite spirits for an instant passion to the fruit.

The most appealing aspect the best part is it’s sweetener Sucralose isn’t a problem to taste when combined with alcohol, making beverages taste like they were made with regular soda.

I’m interested in knowing what are the key ingredients in this syrup? and how are they sourced sustainably?

The primary ingredients include passion fruit that is naturally sourced flavouring, natural colours and sweeteners that mimic their sugar-like sweetness. The brand mentions these are source with sustainability as a priority this, according to us, means careful selection from responsible producers. The manufacturing facility located in Sweden operates on the power of solar panel. The company is also operating with an environmental focus. It’s a feel-good factor that doesn’t only apply to the taste, but also to the genesis in the production

Are any preservatives or artificial sweetness ingredients in the syrup that I must be conscious of?

If you’re worried about added nasties, you’ll find comfort in knowing that, according to the brand, the syrup steers away from preservatives. The claim of zero sugar can be substantiated by the use of sweetener (made from sugar) and do an excellent job of replicating sugar’s sweetness without calorific levels, providing a guilt-free tasting experience that will please your palate.

We’ve now addressed the above questions, we’re convinced that the Aromhuset passion fruit concoction is an excellent idea for any fizzy drink enthusiast. It’s an adventure of tangy tropical flavors with the added sweetness of sugar that won’t leave you thirsty. Drink responsibly and creatively, shall we?

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